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“Have you ever imagine a day without internet?”

Have you ever imagine a day without internet?  Well, try to think how a day would be without the ‘beep’ sound of your email and your Facebook chat, without tweeting or reading the news online with your morning coffee.  If you asked me this question a week ago I would answer you with a determine “No way!”.  One week after it seems that my answer was wrong; I lived a day without the internet and guess what? I can easily imagine how life would be without it.

To be honest it is very difficult to take the decision and push a button that turns off you internet rooter.    At the beginning we think that there is no way we are going to make it without internet for a day.  You think that there is nothing to do and feel like being an isolated person in an island far away from civilization.  The most important thing is that you do not panic and try to find things to do, things that you love and do not need internet.

I spend my day without internet by going for a coffee and window shopping with a few good friends; I also read a book that I had forgotten since summer on my bookcase.  Later on that day I did my homework and realized that I needed half of the time that I usually need to study.  Why did this happen?  But of course because my mobile was not beeping every minute with notifications from all the applications I have.

Until the sun gone down I forgot where my mobile and laptop were, I did all my homework and walked through the majority of Newcastle’s city center roads.  It was at that time that I got panic and said to myself “Zina what else can you do until tomorrow morning? Can you get through the night without internet?”.  After several minutes in shock, I told myself how stupid I am and felt angry because of my weakness.  I just called some friends and grab the opportunity to discuss with them and hear their news without the invasion of social media.  I did not even realize that my day without internet had finished until a friend remind it to me.

Linda Wolff mentioned that,

Days without internet are painful and strangely wonderful; just not at the same time

Not being able to access your email and get informed about your job it is very painful.  Moreover, a person like me who wants to read the headlines every morning and know what it is happening in every country finds it very awful to be disabled to access newspapers’ headlines.  Above all, the most hurting for me was that I could not access the social media (like viber, facebook, etc.).  It was painful, not because I could not check what each one of my ‘friends’ was doing, but because these applications are the ones which connect me with my family and friends back to Cyprus.

The wondrous result of the absent of internet in my day was that I realized how dependent the majority of people is on the internet.  It is significant to check out the survey of Wave 7 which surveyed people in 65 countries and find out that 73.3 per cent owns a Smartphone; an increasing of 28.6% from last year.  Furthermore, 51.9 per cent of 16 to 54 year olds are using social media.  People became alienated and do not even know who the person next to them is.  Our sociability is on the edge of its destruction and it is a matter of time when we will start drinking coffee with our friends through internet not face to face.

According to Joshua Millburn ,

Internet is not evil, just like candy is not evil.  But if your entire diet consists of candy, you get sick and fat fairly quickly

The same happens with the Internet; if you use internet 24 hours per day then you are going to have a problem.  It is true that internet managed to gain a very important place in our daily life, but it is on our hands to make it helpful and use it only when it is necessary.  I cannot imagine my day without surfing on the internet, talk with friends that are away and read the news.  However, we all should try to find out activities that do not need an internet access and make us happy and give us time to think, relax and widen our knowledge.



Obsessed with…

It is very difficult to write in one page all the obsessions I have as a human being.  Like the majority of people, i am obsessed on learning new things.  More specifically, i have an obsession about politics and mainly the news.  Everyday I read the headlines of several newspapers and online sites.

I am also obsessed with writing.  I wrote my first tale at the age of twelve and since then i never stopped, since i truly believe that through writing I can express my feelings and beliefs.

Furthermore, I am obsessed with the analysis of historical occurrences and i always try to conclude to my own reasons and results for those events.  I love learning more things about new cultures and customs:  different cuisine, language, way of life, etc.

At this point i have to mention my passion for travelling.  See new sight seeings, visit museums, meet new people and see the differences between the Western and Eastern European civilizations.

I wouldn’t name my self an adventurous person but i really love bicycling and camping;  over the past five years I went for camping in several sides of Cyprus, explore them and feel the relaxation a human being can feel leaving in the nature.

I also have to mention that I am an adorer of coffee, since i get fascinated from its different kinds of redolence.

Another obsession that i have is the love i have for animals.  From a small age i used to have several animals in my house and felt like a mother to them.  I am a volunteer in a dog shelter and try to make happy “humans best friend”.

Well what other obsessions do i have?  I really enjoy reading Greek tragedies and philosophy, go to art and music festivals, listen to music and more specifically rock music,  visit new restaurants and taste unique cuisines, learn about sport news, play video games and learn everything about new technological advances.

Below I present a list with forthcoming events in Sunderland and Newcastle which are very interesting according to my obsessions.


  • Newcastle Does Vintage (Theater Royal, 29 September 2013)
  • BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2013 (Sage, Gateshead, 25-27 September 2013)
  • 13 years of goodgreef with Paul Van Dyk (Digital, 18 October 2013)
  • Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival: Programme 1 (Tyneside Cinema, 14 October 2013)