Rebirth of the Extreme Right: Its effect on the European sphere

Unite Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia Demonstration London

Unite Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia Demonstration London

Decades after the Second World War, we are now face to face with a new rise of the extreme right parties in many European countries.

These right movements vary from country to country; some of them name themselves Fascists, other Neo-Nazis and other members of a Far Right Political party.  However, the result is the same; the Far right is growing dangerously.  The question is one: How can we stop this emerge and protect next generations?

The majority of Far right political parties were created decades ago and just found the opportunity now to emerge.  PhD Candidate at the Department of Politics and International Studies of the University of Warwick George Iordanous believes that,

The rise of the Extreme right is not a phenomenon that started in the 21st century; for example the Golden Dawn in Greece was created in the mid 70’s and got stronger during the last years because of the economic problems of the country.

Several people believe that the main reason of the reappearance of Far Right movements is the economic austerity and the problems this creates.  Like Hitler managed to have hundreds of thousand followers due to the economic uncertainty, the same will happen in the present time with the Far Right movements.

George Kyris, the course Director for the MA in International Politics and Europe in Warwick, believes that

Hardening economic conditions in EU member states and external pressures (like immigration) have favored a nationalistic discourse.

Economic problems increases the number of unemployment and creates psychological problems to young people who have nothing to do, feel disappointed for not having a job and blame the recent government for that. (channel4)  Europe is straggling and the Fascists grabbed the opportunity to gain the favor of the people.  For example, the Gold Dawn in Greece managed in 2012 to elect 18 MPs in the Greek Parliament, at the first elections the party was taking part, while the National Front in France with Marine Le Pen has been raised from its ashes and gain power once again.

Different governments are also blamed for the increase of popularity of these parties.  The people are disappointed by the existing European governments, which have the same policies for decades.  For example, the French are disappointed by their government over the highly important themes of immigration, security and unemployment; so they decided to punish the large political parties by voting the extreme right party, National Front. (National Post)

George Kyris believes that

the Eurozone crisis has certainly damaged the popularity of parties that are considered responsible for economic problems.

Through this statement we can realize that economy and politics through their unsuccessful policy agendas are equally connected with the rise of the Extreme right movements.

But is the problem only for the country members of the Eurozone?  The answer is no.  The same is happening in the UK where the UKIP and BNP are increasing the number of their followers and becoming stronger.  According to recent polls in the country, there seem to be an extensive hostility towards immigration and the EU.  Also, according to James Bloodworth, the debate over ‘benefit tourism’ and the advantages that immigrants can have in the health system gives the opportunity to these parties to widespread their extreme policies, like closing the country’s borders and become independent from the European Union.

The BNP Hold A Demonstration In Central London

The BNP Hold A Demonstration In Central London

Many of the members of the Far Right parties are people who are pure Fascists, go to the demonstrations and are ideologically connected with the Far Right.  They have tattoos with the emblem of the Nazis and adopt the Fascist attitude which is characterized by high levels of aggression.  This ‘passion’ however seems to be fake;  for example when the MPs of Golden Dawn in Greece got arrested a few weeks ago, many of their followers had a tattoo removal so not to be recognized as fascists from the outraged crowd.

Nevertheless, how threaten is the expansion of Fascism and their propaganda to young people?  According to Iordanous, “The 21st century youth has the idea that it is cool to be a Fascist; like the trend of dislike the immigrants and the political refugees”.

The Fascists in the UK are using social media to attract potential followers.  They use Twitter, Facebook and create YouTube videos where they set out some themes that attracts the people and keeps the movement alive.  A recent theme that concerns the people is the dangers of immigration and political refugees which the Fascists use to increase their supporters.  The Fascist also knows that cultivation of children is far easier than the one of older people.  For that reason, their propaganda platform also consists a summer camp in Essex, where Far Right ideologues contribute to proceedings according to Paul Jackson.

The rise of the Extreme Right sounds very dangerous and has horrible results.  Gary Duncan, from the Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition believes that,

The role of fascism is to hinder the development of the working class and ultimately destroy its organizations and prevent it from reaching power.

Considering next May European elections, there is a great threat that the European government will be composed by anti-Europeans.  This is “a major threat of paralysis” Francois Hollande warned.  According to Kyris,

Worsening economic conditions in the UK have caused opposition to more basic elements of European integration, like the free movements of people, and particularly the migration from new EU member states.

This is a result of the nationalist agenda of far right parties in the UK, which made the conservatives to be harsher to their decisions in order to keep their voters who are moving to the side of the UKIP. (RT)

The Extreme Right is a problem that must not remain on papers.  It must be transmitted into actions.  Gary Duncan mentioned that,

All political differences must be put aside so that unity prevails and fascism is successfully countered by a mass movement.

Of course, actions must be taken on a democratic platform.  “It is undemocratic to criminalize far right political parties since you have to respect the percentage of that party’s voters”, warned George Iordanous.  European MPs urged that the EU has to pay more attention to citizens’ concerns and investigate the activities of Far Right organizations in order to find the roots of the problem and solve it.  According to George Kyris, “European governments have to think of solutions for the problem of immigration and focus on the social element of the economic crisis”.  Established economic policies have to change and the destroyed standard of living has to rise up again.

In Britain, like in the whole Europe, anti-fascist movements take drastic actions to stop the rebirth of the Fascists.  The Europeans has suffered a lot from previous Fascist governments and do not wish to face the same problems.  European governments have to support the determination of the citizens and regain their trust.  Drastic measures have to be taken so that the people feel again secure in their country and understand the real intentions of the far right movements.


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