Continental Market in Newcastle

IMG_2529When markets make their appearance on the streets, it is time for Christmas shopping.

People need to get into the Christmas spirit, make their shopping and feel closer to the largest celebration of the world.

What more could we ask for; a Continental market is in Newcastle and is promising great taste experiences.

The populace of Newcastle is pleased with the reappearance of the International Christmas market, which is taking place in the city centre from the 16th November.

Different stands from all over the countries are being settled at Grey’s Monument, while the delightful smell of different cuisines is spread in all over the city centre and attracts both young and old people.

Walking on a Saturday afternoon at Newcastle’s city centre, I realised that all the people were going straight to the market.  Happy kids were waiting to taste some of the unusual kinds of candies and at the same time their parents were tasting a different kind of cuisine.

The market looks wonderful under the Christmas lights and gives you the opportunity to learn new things about international cuisines and taste foods that you may never have the opportunity to have again.

From which stand could I start and which one can I disclose?

First of all, I recommend you to go to the market hungry. You must not miss the opportunity to taste the dishes of that unique cuisines.  There are Italian, French, German, Spanish, Mexican and Greek stands.  The Mexican Wraps and the Spanish Paella were excellent.   But, if you are really hungry then visit the German Hot Dog stand.  They have numerous kinds of sausages and cook them with onions and other herbs.  When its cooked just choose the sauce you prefer and enjoy.

I highly recommend you to have a dessert after your food.  For ‘dessert lovers’ there is an Italian stand, named ‘Little Italy’.  It sells the most amazing sweets you will ever taste in your whole life.  The owners are very friendly and will help you to chose something that suits to your preferences.  Definitely their cannoli is very tasteful.  Made from powdered sugar, ricotta cheese and a feeling for all the tastes; chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, etc.  It is cheaper to buy the Italian biscuits per kilo.  If you prefer alcohol in your dessert then buy one Amaretti cake.  It is not too sweet and leaves a great amaretto taste in your mouth.


Last but not least is the hot wine under the ‘Mulled Wine’ stand.  The combination of cinnamon and red wine is very relaxing and the price is shockingly low (just £3 for a medium size cup).  Even more amazing is the way they boil it.  A big casserole is on the middle of the stand and boils during the day in order to keep its visitors happy.

There are not only food stands in the market.  Some stands sell accessories, flowers and decorations for your house.  The flower shop has amazing trees for your yard, flowers to customise your house and many other Christmas decorations.  The most beautiful one, is a basket made from a rope and its fill in with dried flowers and peanuts (costs £10).  It can be hanged from the wall or decorate the dinning table.

Newcastle International Market has nothing to jealous from other ones.  People are friendly, food is great.  It achieves to combine different cultures together and offer a splendid time to its visitors.  Who doesn’t want to taste new cuisines and learn through them about the tradition of other countries?  No one.  So just take your family and friends there and have a great time.  To be honest, is nicer to go during the night when the Christmas lights are one and you can more easily feel Santa Claus approaching quicker than ever.

Continental Market is on from the 16th of November and will stay at Grey’s Monument until the 30th of the month.  It is open daily until 8:30 pm.


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