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Elements a new publication needs and the importance of imagination

magazinestack1Starting a new project is not the easiest thing.  It needs effort, determination and most important for all IMAGINATION.

You must figure out something unique, something that has never been published before.  You must lead yourself on a different angle that will strength your imagination and feed you with new ideas.

According to,

Successful magazines seem to find a special niche or have an identifiable difference from magazine titles that are currently on the market.

And this is where imagination takes a leading role.  The person who wants to produce his own magazine, must find an idea that is different for any other publication.  There are several magazines about history, lifestyle, politics, culture, fitness, etc.  Your goal is to achieve something better than the above magazines, something that will attract the readers and make them prefer your magazine.

First of all, a good publication must be well structured.  Yes at the beginning we all get panic, but as soon as we figure out the target of our publication then things become easier.

Start with the kind of the publication you want to have; decide if your magazine is going to be about sports or culture for example.

Then try to find out the audience you wish to approach.  Attracting teenagers is far more different than approaching people between the age of 35-60.

After figuring out what kind of magazine you wish to publish, it is time to approach the economic sector.

It’s there a market big enough to support the magazine?, Are there subscribers willing to pay for such a magazine?(

If the above questions are answered and you are able to make the publication you want, the there is the advertisers sector. Are they interested to pay for ads in your publication?

Well the best solution you have is to contact companies that are related to the field your magazine is covering.  Are you publishing a travelling magazine? Then contact airline companies, hotels and travel agencies and see if they want to cooperate with you.

When the theme and the costs of your magazine are covered then you need to start thinking about the structure of your publication.  Its style, number of pages, if it’s going to be monthly or weekly and how you will distribute it. (

A new publication MUST have an incredible design.  Figure out how your logo will be, what colors it will be consistent of; now you have the basis of your magazine layout and design.

You must not forget that a new publication is a group project.  Even if you are the creator of this magazine, you must have great relations with your reporters.  Find the most suitable journalists for the theme of your magazine and categorize your articles in accordance to their ideas.

Now your publication is ready to receive its first contents.  Divide the magazine is different sections, decide where you will insert the photos and create each page.

Reading how to make a magazine seems to be very easy.  However it is not.  As I have mentioned before your publication needs to be unique, different than other publications; needs to have imagination.

Prepare yourself because there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done.  Although when you are definitely sure on what you are developing and love what you are doing, then everything will appear in your eyes like a nice group game.